2012 Annual Report

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2012 Annual Report

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Overall CRP synthesis report

Final 31 May version on cgspace

File:Source of Summary Indicators 2012 annual report.docx

Indicator table -- version of March 22nd: File:Synthesis Table_22 03 013.xlsx

File:CGIAR Reporting Template for 2012 and 2013_with table 22.03.13.docx

Value chain reports

Value chain development: Value chain development: 2012 Annual Report

Tanzania: Tanzania smallholder dairy value chain: 2012 Annual Report

Uganda - Fish: Uganda fish value chain: 2012 Annual Report

Uganda - Pig: Smallholder pig value chains development in Uganda: 2012 Annual Report

Nicaragua (Honduras): Nicaragua-Honduras dairy value chain: 2012 Annual Report

Mali: Mali small ruminants value chain development; 2012 Annual Report

Vietnam: Vietnam smallholder pig and pork value chain development: 2012 Annual Report


File:2012 LIVESTOCK AND FISH ANNUAL REPORT EGYPT Value Chain 110513.docx


File:2012 LF annual report Ethiopia 11May13.docx


File:2012LivestockAndFishAnnualReportValuechainIndia 11may13.docx

Centre reports

CIAT: 2012 CIAT annual report on its activities for the Livestock and Fish research program

WorldFish: 2012 WorldFish annual report on its activities for the Livestock and Fish research program


ILRI Animal health File:AH 2012 LAF ANN REP ILRI 11May13.docx File:ILRI Annex 1 - AH 140313.docx

ILRI Genetics report pending

ILRI Value chain development

File:ILRI VCD Theme Report for 2012 11May13.docx

Updated indicator table for VCD from March 13: File:2012 ILRI annual report overview 6Mar13.docx

ILRI Targeting File:2012 ILRI Targeting annual report 11May13.docx

ILRI Gender File:ILRI gender 2012 annual report 11May13.docx


File:2012 ICARDA LF annual report 11May13.docx

Theme reports

Targeting sustainable interventions: Targeting sustainable interventions: 2012 Annual Report

Gender and learning: Gender and learning: 2012 Annual Report

Animal health

File:AH Theme LAF ANN REP CRP 110513.docx



Feeds and forages

File:LaF Feed Forage Report 2012 Synthesis 11May13.docx

Annex File:WorldFish Annex 1 - version3 22Mar.docx File:CIAT Annex 1.docx File:ICARDA Annex 1.docx


File:Partnership Report for CRP 3.7 - Short.docx File:Partnership Report for CRP 3.7.docx