2013 AnnualReports

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2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

The 2013 Annual Performance Monitoring Report was submitted to the consortium office on 10th March 2014. The report was well received by the Consortium Office who endorsed this as clearly conveying a strong sense of systematic planning and implementation of the R4D agenda.

The report was written based on inputs from three sources, namely

1) Value Chain Country Reports 2) Centre and ILRI Focal Point Reports 3) Theme Annual Reports 4) Cross Cutting Reports

Templates and Guidelines

2013 Annual reports reporting timeline File:AR2013 Timeline Final.docx

Directions on use of the Livestock and Fish program performance indicator database File:Database Use Instructions.docx

Definitions of CRP indicators of progress File:Indicator Definitions.docx

Guidance on how to provide the performance indicators data for the Livestock and Fish 2013 annual report File:GUIDANCE ON HOW TO PROVIDE THE PERFORMANCE INDICATOR DATA FOR THE LIVESTOCK AND FISH 2013 ANNUAL REPORT.docx

Livestock and Fish performance indicators File:CRP3.7 2013 Performance Indicators.accdb

CRP indicators of progress File:CRP3.7 2014 Targets.accdb

Consolidated logframe File:2013 CONSOLIDATED LOGFRAME 3 7.xlsx

Value Chain Country Reports


Country reports


File:Tanzania VC Annual Report 2013.docx

File:Tanzania Value Chain 2013 Self-Assessment Report.xlsx

File:Tanzania 2013 Performance Indicators.accdb


File:Nicaragua VCC Annual Report 2013.docx File:Nicaragua Value Chain Self-Assessment Report 2013.xlsx


File:India VCC Annual Report 2013.docx File:India Value Chain Self-Assessment Report 2013.xlsx


File:Eqypt VCC 2013 Annual Report.docx File:Eqypt Value Chain 2013 Self-Assessment Report.xlsx

Burkina Faso

File:Burkina VCC 2013 Annual Report.docx File:Burkina Value Chain 2013 Self-Assessment Report.xlsx


File:Ethiopia VC Annual Report 2013.docx File:Ethiopia Value Chain 2013 Self-Assessment Report.xlsx


File:Banglandesh VC Annual Report 2013.docx File:Banglandesh Value Chain Self-Assessment Report 2013.xlsx


File:Vietnam VC Annual Report 2013.docx File:Vietnam Value Chain 2013 Self-Assessment Report.xlsx


File:Uganda VC Annual Report 2013.docx File:Uganda Value Chain 2013 Self-Assessment Report.xlsx

Center and ILRI Focal Point 2013 Annual Reports

Theme Annual Reports 2013


File:Theme Annual Report 2013 Template.docx

Animal Health File:2013 Animal Health THEME 140214 Final.docx File:ANIMAL HEALTH 2013 Self Assessment.xlsx

Feeds and Forages File:Feeds and Forages 2013 Annual Theme Report.docx File:Feeds and Forages 2013 Self Assessment.xlsx VCD File:VCD 2013 Annual Theme Report.docx File:VCD 2013 self assessment.xlsx

TSI File:TSI 2013 Annual Theme Report.docx

Impact & Learning File:2013 Impact Learning Annual Report Theme Reports.docx Gender File:2013 Annual Report Gender Theme.docx File:Gender 2013 Self Assessment.xlsx

Cross-Cutting Reports

Partnerships File:Development Partnerships 2013 Annual Report.docx File:Partnerships 2013 Self Assessment.xlsx

CapDev File:CapDev 2013 Self Assessment.xlsx