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Livestock and Fish 2014 Annual Report

File:2014 Livestock and Fish Annual Report.docx

List of 2014 ISI Journals

File:List of Publications 2014 AR ISI JOurnals Updated May 2015.docx

Livestock and Fish Scientific Progress by the Consortium


2014 Annual Report Guideline and Timeline


Value Chain Reports

India smallholder diary value chain File:2014 Annual Report India Dairy Value Chain PR edits.docx


Egypt small and medium-scale aquaculture value chain File:2014 Egypt VC Annual Report draft2.docx

Bangladesh small and medium-scale aquaculture value chain File:2014 Bangladesh VC Annual Report - submitted v3.docx Burkina Faso small ruminants value chain File:2014 Annual Report Burkina Faso SRVC 2.docx File:2014 END-OF-YEAR ASSESSMENT VCD Burkina Faso.xlsx

Tanzania smallholder dairy value chain File:2014 Tanzania VC Annual Report.docx


Ethiopia small ruminants value chain File:2014 Annual Report Value Chains_SR_Ethiopia_fin.docx

File:2014 end year progress assessment ICARDA.xlsx

Nicaragua dual-purpose cattle value chain File:2014 Nicaragua vc annual report draft2 28Jan15.docx

File:2014 END-OF-YEAR ASSESSMENT FOR VALUE CHAINS AND VCD THEME - Nicaragua.xlsx Vietnam smallholder pigs value chain File:2014 annualreport_Vietnam_smallholderpigsvc.docx File:2014 END-OF-YEAR ASSESSMENT VCD Vietnam.xlsx

Uganda Pig value Chain File:2014 Annual Report Pig Value Chains Uganda_final draftPR edits_DP final.docx File:2014 END-OF-YEAR ASSESSMENT FOR VALUE CHAINS AND VCD THEME_Pigs Uganda.xlsx

Centre Reports

CIAT File:2014 annualreport_CIAT.docx

File:2014 End-of-year-assessment CIAT.xlsx


File:2014 Annual Report L F Feeds and Forages wf.docx File:2014 year end Assessment WorldFish - submitted v3.xlsx ICARDA File:2014 Annual Report_ICARDA.docx File:2014 end year assessment ICARDA.xlsx

Theme Reports

Animal Health File:AH Ann Rep 2014 Theme comments pt v6.docx Feeds and Forages File:2014 annualreport_feedsandforages.docx

Value Chain Development File:2014 Annual Report ILRI VCD theme.docx

Gender File:2014 Annual Report Gender Theme.docx

Impact and Learning File:2014 Annual Report Consolidated Impact and Learning.docx


File:2014 Annual Report TSI 20150223.docx

Cross Cutting Activities Reports

Capacity Development (Draft2) File:2014CapDev annual report_29Jan2015_draft2.docx

File:2014 Capacity Development Progress Assessment.xlsx

Knowledge and Communications File:LF_comms_annualreport_2014.docx File:CRP3 7 2014 END-YEAR PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT X-CUTTERS comms.xlsx

Development Partnerships

File:2014 Partnership Report.docx

File:YEAR END PERFORMANCE - Development Partnership 2014.xlsx

ILRI Focal Point Annual Reports

Animal Health File:AH Ann Rep 2014 ILRI.docx

File:2014 AH self assessment current.xlsx

Animal Genetic File:2014 Annual Report ILRI Genetics March 2015.docx


Feeds and Forages File:2014 Annual Report ILRI Feeds and Forages Links.docx

File:2014 Feeds END OF YEAR ASSESSMENT.xlsx

Value Chain Development

File:2014 Annual Report ILRI VCD themePR edits.docx


File:2014 ILRI LF TSI Report 150304 FINAL Submitted PRAN.docx

File:2014 ILRI LF TSI Assessment incl Gender 150304 FINAL Submitted PRAN.xlsx

Gender File:2014 Annual Report ILRI Gender 27 Feb 15.docx

File:2014 End year assessment Gender.xlsx

Impact and Learning File:2014 Annual Report Consolidated Impact and Learning.docx

File:Impact and Learning 2014 Assessment.xlsx

Summary of published gender outputs File:summary of published LF 2014 gender outputs_Feb 15.docx

Intermediate Development Outcomes (IDOs) Statement

IDO Notes
#1 Increased livestock and fish productivity in small-scale production systems for the target commodities (SLO2) This reflects the considerable investment in research under the CRP to improve technologies related to livestock and fish productivity drivers: health, genetics and feeds.

Could be captured in an aggregate productivity target (e.g. cost per unit of commodity), or in individual productivity measures (e.g. reduction in animal mortality)
#2 Increased quantity and improved quality of the target commodity supplied from the target small-scale production and marketing systems (SLO2) Enhancing food security is a key objective and is a product of both improved productivity at farm-level and a well-functioning value chain. Targets will be developed based on a combination of expected productivity gains, food safety indicators and density of production in our target markets
#3 Increased employment and income for low-income actors in the target value chains, with an increased share of employment for and income controlled by low-income women (SLO1) The CRP also seeks to reduce poverty through the income generation opportunities created within the target value chains. Targets to be set based on planned participation levels.

Gender enters both in terms of participation in the value chain and targeting of consumption of the value chain products. These targets focus on the nature of participation of women in the value chains
#4 The target commodity responsible for filling a larger share of the nutrient gap for the poor, particularly for nutritionally vulnerable populations (women of reproductive age and young children) (SLO3) The CRP proposal highlighted the nutritional benefits of the target commodities and anticipated research to ensure these benefits would be done under CRP4. Since then, the CRP has recognized that it needs to play a more active role and so proposes reflecting this as an IDO. A preliminary nutritional analysis will be required to understand the appropriate form of targets to adopt
#5 Lower environment impacts and higher benefits per unit of commodity produced in the target value chains (SLO4) Improving productivity and value chain efficiency will contribute to reduce the pressure on natural resources (e.g., use of fodder, improved grazing management, vaccines replacing acaricides, more efficient use of crop residues, management of excreta), but also will help reduce the emission of GHG per unit of product.
#6 Policies (including investments) and development actors recognize and support the development of the small-scale production and marketing systems, and seek to increase the participation of women within these (SLO2)


File:2014 indicators_mm01_12_14.xlsx

Tanzania smallholder dairy value chain File:CRP Indicators - Tanzania Dairy VC 2014_Updated to Dec14.xlsx

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2014 end of year Self-Assessments

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