2015-2016Extension Proposal

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File:Extension proposal budget final corr 17Oct.xlsx

Management response to CO/ISPC comments

File:Response to LF extension proposal comments.docx

File:LF CRP Performance Indicator Matrix 2015-2016 final.xlsx

CO/ISPC review and comments

File:LF Cover letter.pdf

File:LF CO comments 14 July 2014.pdf

'Preparing the 2015-2016 Extens'ion Proposal

Compiled Document, 25 April 2014

File:Extension Request Proposal - CRP Livestock and Fish 25Apr14 4pm.docx

Guidelines - CRP extension proposal process document

File:CRP Extension Proposal Process Dec 31 2013.docx

Detailed L&F Perfomance Indicators File:Detailed LF CRP Outcome Performance Indicator matrix 2015 -2016.xlsx

Background documents Centre briefs ILRI File:Livestock and Fish_ILRI_Extension_Brief.docx CIAT File:ExtensionProposal_Brief_CIAT_ LivestockFish.docx

ICARDA File:ExtensionProposal_Brief_ICARDA_LivestockFish.docx

WorldFish File:ExtensionProposal_Brief_WorldFish_LivestockFish.docx

Themes briefs Animal Health File:Animal Health - 2015 -2016 extension proposal.docx Feeds and Forages File:ExtensionProposal_Brief_feedsandforages_LivestockFish.docx

Targeting Sustainable Interventions File:TSI_to 2016.docx

Gender File:3 7 Gender Theme 2015-16 narrative.docx

File:3 7 - 2015-16 gender strategy_milestones_activities_deliverables - final.docx

Value chain briefs Bangladesh File:ExtensionProposal_brief_Bangladesh_VC draft3.docx

Nicaragua File:LF ExtensionProposal_Brief_ NicaraguaVC 270114.docx

Vietnam File:Vietnam Pig Value Chain brief for LF P2.docx

Egypt File:ExtensionProposal_Brief_EgyptFish_LivestockFish.docx

Ethiopia File:ExtensionProposal_Brief_Ethiopia_LivestockFish.docx