Animal Health component

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Theme Leader: Barbara Wieland (ILRI)

Strategy and Implementation Plan (SIP) 2015 - 2023

Current draft of the Animal Health SIP:

File:AH SIP current.docx

Associated Logframe File:Sip_health_logframe_230414.xlsx

Presentation made to SPAC4 can be found here

Vaccine Biosciences

Planning Documents

Strategy (in logframe format) and 2012 work plan and budget:

File:CRP3 7 An Hlth Planning Template 180112.xlsx

With WorldFish inputs:

File:CRP3 7 An Hlth Planning Template 180112 WorldFish.xlsx

Animal health May 2013 big ideas concept note

File:Animal health big ideas May2013.docx


All Documents and Products

Summary report multi-pathogen survey in pigs in Vietnam File:Summary multi-pathogen survey Vietnam.docx

News and Updates

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