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Best Bet identification takes place as part of a broader objective: to scale-up and out an intervention or package of integrated interventions that stimulate pro-poor transformation of targeted Livestock and Fish value chains. Best Bets demonstrate high development potential and are targeted for robust testing: some will prove to be unfeasible and discarded or re-designed, others will show positive development impact potential and will be adopted, adapted, scaled-up/out and subject to continued testing within development projects and programs.

In order to encourage the evidence-based identification of appropriate candidate interventions the Livestock and Fish CGIAR Research Program is developing a set of Best Bet selection criteria (see draft Best Bet guidance note below).

Over the coming months the Best Bet selection criteria and selection process will be field tested in Uganda. Our target is to have a finalized Best Bet Guidance Note completed by March, 2015. In the meantime, your suggestions to improve the Guidance Note are both welcome and encouraged.

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Best Bets Selection Protocol File:Best bet selection protocol_22_09_15.docx

How to Note: Assessing the Strength of Evidence

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Initial list of promising best bets to work on in 2013

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