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CGIAR Research Programs (CRP) Commissioned External Evaluation (CCEE) on the Value Chain Approach

Key contact details

Keith Child, Principal Scientist – Impact Assessment and Learning, ILRI; (k.child(at )cgiar.org)

Report: CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish CRP Commissioned External Evaluation of the Program’s Value Chain Approach

Inception Report:

File:CCEE Evaluation Report.docx

CCEE evaluation report, Dec 2014: File:CCEE Evaluation Report.docx

Management action table: File:Management action table v2.docx

Management response table: File:Management response table v5 - CCEE.docx

Evaluation process news highlights:

Team meeting, 9 June 2014

Essential Independent Evaluation Arrangement (IEA) Evaluation Documents

Guidance for CRP-Commissioned External Evaluations (CCEEs) File:G2 Guidance Note on CRP-Commissioned Independent External Evaluations 24 Oct.pdf

Glossary of Evaluation Terms File:Glossary-revised October 2013.docx

CGIAR Standards for Independent External Evaluation File:CGIAR Evaluation Standards Annexes - all 23 Oct.pdf

IEA Website; Independent Evaluation Arrangement (IEA)

Evaluation team members

  1. Doyle Baker, Lead Evaluator
  2. John Hambrey, Support Evaluator
  3. Andrew Speedy, Support Evaluator

Selection process: Evaluation team composition and qualifications

TOR for CRP Commissioned External Review of the value chain approach, 2014

File:ToR for Consultants.docx

Information Sheet

File:Information Sheet Evaluation Visits.pdf

CCEE field visit schedule

Location Time frame Activity Responsible Schedule for the Meetings
Kenya 11-15 Aug present and revise inception report; key informant interviews; meetings with evaluation support team Doyle Baker File:MEETING SCHEDULE WITH DOYLE BAKER on campus 1.docx
Ethiopia 16-23 Aug startup meeting; review small ruminants value chain Doyle Baker, Andrew Speedy File:Draft Program - CCEE- 17-22August_revised_pb 3.docx
Uganda 23-30 Aug review smallholder pigs value chain Doyle Baker, Andrew Speedy File:Revised Proposed program CRP 3 7 evaluation Uganda 26th to 29th August 2014_final copy.xlsx
Tanzania 31 Aug – 6 Sept review smallholder dairy value chain Doyle Baker, Andrew Speedy File:Draft Program - CCEE- 17-22August_revised_pb 3.docx
Egypt 6-12 Sept review consumption and nutrition of the small medium-scale aquaculture value chain Doyle Baker, John Hambrey File:CCEE-Egypt 7-11Sept.docx