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Gender, Learning and Impact

Team Members Alessandra Galie – ILRI Froukje Kruijssen – WorldFish Annet Mulema – ILRI Alejandra Mora– CIAT/ILRI Wole Kinati- ICARDA Rhiannon Pyburn- KIT Anouka van Eerdewijk- KIT

Livestock and Fish gender integration writeshop, Naivasha, April 2016

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2015 Gender Initiative Coaching

File:List of Gender coached projects 2015.docx

2015 Gender Initiative reports

File:gi_paul_prelim_dec 2015.docx

File:gi_dione_prelim_dec 2015.docx

File:gi_wieland_prelim_dec 2015.docx


File:gi_poole_prelim_dec 2015.docx

File:gi_kruijssen_prelim_dec 201.docx

File:gi_odhiambo_prelim_dec 2015.docx

File:gi_rao_prelim_dec 2015.docx




Planning Documents

Gender Network Meeting, Cali, 17-20 May 2014 Monitoring and Evaluation framework for gender File:ME framework for gender_draftnov2013.pdf

Process indicators File:LF_gender process indicators_apr2014.pptx

Strategy (in logframe form) and proposed workplan for 2012 This is the 1st iteration with input so far from ILRI, CIAT and WorldFish on the strategy, and workplan inputs from WorldFish:

File:CRP 3 7 3 2 Planning Template-19122011-wanjiku input WorldFish.xlsx


Gender and analysis value chain toolkits, still under development and open for team feedback and comments File:RAPID ASSESSMENT TOOL FOR GENDER IN LIVESTOCK VALUE CHAINS.docx

File:Review of gender and value chain analysis development and evaluation toolkits.pdf

Draft M&E framework for gender- still under further discussion and development File:ME framework for gender.pdf

Gender transformative approaches (GTAs)

Here is a baseline report from a nutrition-focused project led by Helen Keller Int'l in Bangladesh - it includes interesting intra-household data on gender norms and attitudes which can form part of the M&E system for gender transformative approaches.

File:Nobo Jibon Gender Attitudes Baseline Survey_FINAL.pdf

Gender Assessment Reports

Mangheni, M.N. 2014. Review of the Uganda smallholder pig value chain assessment results and suggested potential interventions to improve women’s access and control of resources in the pig value chain. Kampala, Uganda: Makerere University.

The Mulukanoor women's cooperative dairy: a gendered value chain assessment File:Mulukanoor gendered dairy value chain assessment REPORT.pdf

Increasing Access to and Use of, Rural Advisory Services for Rural Women in East Africa: Best Bet Tools for ProvidersFile:Farnworth and Colverson_Increasing access to and use of rural advisory services for rural women in East Africa_best bests.pdf

Partnership Landscaping

File:Gender Partner Matrix-Ethiopia.pdf

File:Gender Partner Matrix-Tanzania.pdf

File:Gender Partners Matrix-Nicaragua.pdf

File:Gender Partners Matrix-Uganda.pdf


Other Resources

ILRI AgriGender website : Tools and Resources