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PIM CRP Value chains knowledge clearinghouse

AgriFood Chain Toolkit - [| Community of practice] and [| repository / clearing house] of resources


Resources for Value Chain Assessment Tools

Value chain development case studies under a recent project in Ethiopia:


Links to other toolkits

Presentation on existing resources and toolkits VC workshop (Froukje) File:Resources.pptx Top 10 of DDRN (see presentation): Value Chains, Donor Interventions and Poverty Reduction: A Review of Donor Practice - IDS [[2]]

An operational guide to local value chain development. Combining Local Economic Development (LED) with Value Chain Development (VCD) to strengthen competitiveness and integration of SMEs into markets - ILO [[3]]

Value chain analysis for policy-makers and practitioners - ILO [[4]]

Chain Empowerment: Supporting African Farmers to Develop Markets - KIT [[5]]

Value Chain Finance. Beyond microfinance for rural entrepreneurs - KIT [[6]]

CAPSA Capacitating Sector Analyses. A practical training methodology to analyse value chains. Training Manual for the participants - HPC, SNV [[7]]

ValueLinks Manual. The Methodology of Value Chain Promotion - GTZ

Participatory Market Chain Approach- CIP [[8]]

Facilitating value chain development. A new training curriculum from USAID - USAID

Value Chain Analysis and “making markets work for the poor” (M4P). Poverty reduction through value chain promotion - GTZ [[9]]

Quantitative & econometric methods for value chain analysis

Value Chain Analysis Methodologies in the Context of Environment and Trade: File:Fasse et al 2009 - Modelling and econmetrics methods for vaue chain analysis.pdf

Previous tools used by ILRI

1. Questionnaires/checklists used for characterizing poultry value chains in DFID Bird Flu study File:DFID HPAI VCA questionnaires.rar

2. Feed assessment tools

[]] for [The TechFit Tool

[]] for [FEAST: Feed Assessment Tool

Outputs from the various value chains