Site selection

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Site Selection

An overview of the data compiled and provided for the site selection:

site selection process
~ Value Chain !! Country !! Site Selection Process document shared & explained (IB/JP) !! Initial Map Report – 15 variables (JvdS) !! Selection of geographical criteria (VC coord) !! Selection of potential target areas - i.e. province / region (VC coord) !! Stakeholder interactions & soft criteria (VC Coord) !! Selection of 3.7 sites – e.g. districts (VC Coord + support IB/EJP) !! Site Selection Report (VC Coord + support IB/EJP/JvdS) !! Incorporated into synthesis report - Deliverable 5 (IB & EJP) !! Level of site delineation !! Approximate average
size of a sites !! Number of sites !! Staff responsible 2014
or contact if additional maps are needed !! Down- load
map !! Other comments
~ Dairy Tanzania Done (EJP/IB – AO) Done (JvdS) Done (AO/BM/IB/EJP/JvdS) Done (AO/BM/IB/EJP/JvdS) Done (AO/BM) Done (AO/BM) published]’ (AO/EJP) Not done (IB & EJP) level 1 50000 km2 2 PO File:selected sites_tanzania.tif
~ Dairy India Done (IB) Done (JvdS) States partially agreed (no-one to do) Not done (VC coord) Partially done (VC coord) Done final version (CP) Not done (IB & EJP) level 2 2 CP
VC coor
File:selected sites_india.tif
~ Dual-purpose cattle Nicaragua Done (EJP/IB – RV) Done (JvdS) Done (RV/IB/EJP/JvdS) Done? (JvdS/RV) Done – pending feedback (RV) ground truthing ongoing (RV +) draft existing Not done (IB & EJP) level 2 3 Rein
~ Pigs Uganda done(IB – DP/EO) done (JvdS) done (DP/EO/JvdS) Phase 1 (for SPVCD) done (DP/EO)
Phase 2 in progress (DP/EO/EJP)
Phase 1 (for SPVCD) done (DP/EO)
Phase 2 in progress (DP/EO/EJP)
Phase 1 (for SPVCD) done (DP/EO)
Phase 2 in progress (DP/EO/EJP)
final per phase Not done (IB & EJP) level 1 6000 km2 4 PO File:selected sites_uganda.tif
~ Pigs Vietnam Done (EJP/IB – LL) Done (JvdS) Done (EJP/IB/LL/JvdS) Done (EJP/IB/LL/PO) Done (LL/SS) In Progress (EJP/IB/LL/PO) draft (JP) Not done (IB & EJP) level 2 10000 km2 4 PO Jane is looking into it
~ Small ruminants Ethiopia Done (EJP - BR) done (JvdS) done (BR/JvdS/EJP) done(BR) done (BR) done (BR) Done (BR)– not yet ‘published’ Template done – needs to be written! below level 3 village some km2 12 CP File:selected sites_ethiopia.tif meeting with Barbara 6 feb
~ Small ruminants Burkina-Faso done done (PO) done at least partially (AF) done (AF) done (AF) done (AF) groundthruthing on going final version (CP) level 2 PO/CP File:selected sites_burkina faso.tif
~ Aqua- culture Egypt level 2 12 000 km2 5 ? Egypt is based on an existing SDC project using those sites. So no formal site selection took place.
~ Aqua- culture Bangladesh | | Done (EJP/IB – JP) draft report CP World Fish is responsible for this site selection process
  • BR – Barbra Rischkowsky, JvdS – Jeannette van der Steeg, EJP – Jane Poole, IB – Isabelle Baltenweck, DP – Danilo Pezo, EO – Emily Ouma, AO - Amos Omore, BM – Brigitte Mass, PO – Pam Ochungo, SS - Steve Staal, JP – Jens-Peter Dalsgaard, FK – Froukje Kruijssen, AF – Abdou Fall, RV - Rein van der Hoek, CP - Catherine Pfeifer, AO- Abisalom Omolo

File:Targeting_Consolidated report-final.doc

Results of site selection process in 5 value chain countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam (as of February 2013):