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Value Chain Development - Bangladesh

Key Contact Details

Jens Peter Tang Dalsgaard, Acting Value Chain Coordinator, WorldFish (

Why aquaculture in Bangladesh? Download the business case


File:WorkshopSummaryReport.docxFile:Annex1_WorkshopProgram.docxFile:Annex2_Workshop_Participants.pdfFile:Annex3_2015_OutputStatus.xlsxFile:Annex4_2016_POWB_Flagships 1-2-3.xlsxFile:Annex4_2016_POWB_Flagships 4-5.XLSX

Planning and Draft Documents

News and Updates

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Key Documents

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Impact of fish disease

File:Disease impact Bangladesh_RVC draft report.pdf

DRAFT gender materials

File:DRAFT 6 World Fish Bangladesh Gender AQ Working Paper 6th January 2015.pdf

File:Literature Review-WF gender norms_Bangladesh 8th May 2014.pdf

File:Literaturereviewgenderaquaculture Bangladesh_final.pdf

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