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Value Chain Development - Egypt

Key Contact Details

Malcolm Dickson, Senior Scientist, WorldFish Egypt; [] Gamal Othman El Naggar, Country Director, WorldFish Egypt



1. Improving Employment and Income through the Development of Egypt's Aquaculture Sector (IEIDEAS) Project (SDC)

  • Project proposal

File:SDC Aquaculture Proposal Final 14 Oct 2011.pdf

  • Project Inception Report

File:Inception workshop report 29Feb.pdf

  • Development of Best Management Practices guidelines

> File:Egyptian Aquaculture BMPs development.docx >

  • Year 1 Operational Report

> File:Year 1 Operational Report-26112012.docx

  • Year 2 Operational Report

> File:Year 2 Operational Report - final.docx

  • IEIDEAS project external review

File:Final IEIDEAS Review Report without attachments.pdf

  • Year 3 Operational report

File:Third Operational Report-final.pdf

  • 2011-2014 Operational report

File:IEIDEAS Operational Report 2011-2014.pdf

  • Retailers documentation study

File:Women retailers documentation report.pdf

  • IEIDEAS project final report and impact assessment (final draft)

File:010615_IEIDEAS impact assessment report - final.pdf

Management meeting reports File:January 2013 Management Meeting minutes.docx

File:February 2013 Management Meeting minutes.docx

File:March 2013 Management Meeting minutes.docx

File:April 2013 Management Meeting minutes.docx

File:June 2013 Management Meeting minutes.docx

File:July 2013 Management Meeting minutes.docx

File:Sept 2013 Management Meeting minutes.docx

File:Nov 2013 Management Meeting minutes.docx

File:December 2013 Management Meeting minutes.docx

File:February 2014 Management Meeting minutes.docx

File:March 2014 Management Meeting minutes.docx

File:May 2014 Management Meeting minutes.docx

Training database File:Training database May 2013.docx

File:Training database .xlsx

2. Safe food, fair food project (ACIAR & GIZ) SFFF/RIA food safety work in Egypt

3. Youth Employment in Aswan Governorate project (SDC funded, led by CARE)

  • Lake Nasser fisheries study

File:Lake Nasser Fisheries v.3.pdf


  • Training manual for hatchery BMPs

File:Best Management Practices of Egyptian Tilapia Hatcheries.pdf

Planning and Draft Documents

Rapid Integrated Assessment of Nutrition and Health Risks Associated with Fish Value Chains in Egypt File:Egypt draft report_MEltholt_18_9_13_kr_dg2.docx

Fish retailer report File:Fish retailer_19 July_final.docx

Round up of progress on Innovation Platforms by Ramadan (July 2014)

File:Ramadan IP round-up-9July.docx

Fish consumption report (draft report and conclusions)

File:WF Report Egypt Valpiani Final.docxFile:WF Egypt Valpiani Brief Final.docx

Report on homestead catfish farming by women File:Final report - Developing a pro-poor aquaculture tank_Jacqueline Kazembe 3.doc

Women retailers documentation report File:Women retailers documentation report.pdf

Situational analysis for fisheries and aquaculture in Aswan File:Situation analysis fish - Youth Employment in Aswan Project.pdf

Draft report of ILRI mission to Egypt to investigate Tilapia summer mortality File:draft report ILRI mission Egypt.docx

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Key Documents

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Egyptian fish retailers use role-playing to boost their confidence and get their rights Egyptian fish farmers target for aquaculture training videos

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