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Value Chain Development – Ethiopia

Includes: IFAD-funded SmaRT Ethiopia: Small Ruminant value chain Transformation in Ethiopia

Key Contact Details

Barbara Rischkowsky, Country Program Coordination, ICARDA, Ethiopia



  • Safe Food, Fair Food (BMZ) wiki page
  • Peste des petits ruminants (PPR): developing a pan African strategy for disease control
  • Characterizing and improvement of Ethiopian Indigenous goats led by ILRI-BecA
  • Community Based Breeding Program led by SARI



File:ethipia checklist for processors_sfff dec2012.docx | | File:ethiopia checklist for vet services providers nov2012.docx
File:ethiopia checklist for transporters_sfff nov2012.docx | | File:ethiopia checklist for traders dec2012.docx
File:ethiopia checklist for producers dec2012.docx | | File:ethiopia checklist for feed suppliers nov2012.docx
File:ethiopia checklist for experts and other actors nov2012.docx | | File:ethiopia checklist for credit providers dec2012.docx

Gender sensitive tool to identify disease constraints in small ruminant production in Ethiopia File:Protocol FGD.pdfFile:protocol serosurvey 2015.pdf

VCA Benchmarking survey questionnaires (2013-2014) File:BM_feed suppliers_Ethiopia_dec2013.docx File:BM_Traders_Ethiopia_dec2013.docx

File:BM_Processors_Ethiopia_dec2013.docx File:BM_Vetservices_Ethiopia_dec2013.docx

File:BM_credit_Ethiopia_dec2013.docx File:BM_Kebele_Ethiopia_dec2013.docx


Gender Responsive Participatory Assessment of the Community-Based Sheep Breeding Program in Ethiopia File:ethiopia_cbbp_gender_framework.docx

Tools for Gender Integration in to Community Based Sheep Fattening File:ethiopia_cbbp_gender_tool.docx

Planning Documents

Key Documents

News and Updates

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All Documents and Products

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Uploaded Project and Miscelleneous Documents

SmaRT Ethiopia annual reports:

Genetics documents:

Evaluation of community-based sheep breeding programs in Ethiopia



File:Breeding Values of some Traits for Serving Rams in Menz and Bonga sites.xlsx




File:Ethiopia_National_ SR breeding program.pdf

File:Draft_report_CBBP evaluation_genetic_gains.pdf

File:Training report_Breeders skills_march2016.pdf

Animal Health documents:

File:prel report SR diseases Ethiopia.pdf

File:Activity report PEG training 1.docx

File:Report on the Second PEG training workshop.docx

File:PEG Results Diseases.pptx

File:Overview PEG results.pptx

File:Reproductive Disease Azeb draft.pdf

File:pilot testing coenurosis Borana.pdf

File:milk safety AITVM.pptx

File:mastitis AITVM.pptx

File:Abstract PEG food security.docx

File:activity report investigation of abortion storms.pdf

File:ECF training at NAHDIC.pdf

File:PEG -1 Report.pdf

Animal health protocols:

File:Animal Health Intervention project Protocol - Respiratory diseases Edited.docx

File:Animal health intervention project on Reproductive disease of SR edited.docx

File:Animal health intervention project protocol on internal parasite.docx

File:Animal Health Intervention Project Protocol - for coenurosis.docx

Feeds documents:

File:Report on Food-Feed Demo Plots in Menz and Doyogena.pdf

File:Sheep Fattening Project Report - Phase II.pdf

File:Desho grass_a technical note.docx

File:Engendering the FEAST Tool_Feedback from Field Tests.docx

File:Revised Version Focus Group Discussion Tool.docx


File:Sheep Fattening Project Report_Phase I.pdf

VCTS Smart Marketing documents:


File:Developing the Market Information Communication Framework.pdf

File:Reconnaissance Survey Report_Menz Ethiopia.pdf

VCTS Gender documents:

File:Gendered Value Chain Analysis Module_Training Report_Ethiopia_12042016.pdf

VCTS Milk safety and processing documents:


File:Goat Milk Intervention study Abergelle.pdf

File:Training manual _improved traditional milk processing.pdf

File:Traditional milk processing in Borana.pdf

SmaRT Communications materials:


Theory of change/MEL reports:

File:Theory of Change monitoring framework_Ethiopia SR VC.pdf

File:Theory of Change_Ethiopia SR VC_Baseline_ Research Centers.pdf

File:Theory of Change_Ethiopia SR VC_Baseline_ Extension_DistrictOffices.pdf

VCA/Benchmarking documents:: File:Modelling Household level Small Ruminant Herd Size - Kassie et al 2016 presented.pdf

File:Impact of access to livestock services - Kassie at al 2016 Presented.pdf

File:Ethiopian SRVC Benchmarking prelim result highlights - Kassie et al 2016.pdf