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Value Chain Development - India

Key Contact Details

Vamsidhar Reddy Sadasivareddy, ILRI National Coordinator, Value Chain Country Leader


  • ACIAR Fodder and feeds
  • MilkIT (IFAD)
  • CSISA2
  • GETDairy (OPEC)
  • MaizeLive


Tools and Resources

Dairy value chain assessment producer sheet File:Dairy value chain assessment producer data sheet.docx

Dairy value chain assessment producer focus group guide with gender inputs File:Dairy Value chain assessment producers focus group guide with gender inputs.docx

Dairy value chain retailers-processors questionnaire File:Dairy value chain retailers-processors questionnaire.docx

Workshop report on smallholder dairy transformation in Bihar File:Report_Workshop on Small-holder dairy transformation in Bihar 2.pdf

Selection of Agencies in Bihar/ India for Implementing Value Chain Assessment File:Agencies for VCA and other tasks.pdf

Planning Documents

Key Documents

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