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Pig Value Chain Development - Uganda

Key Contact Details

Emily Ouma, Value Chain Coordinator, ILRI, Kampala (



Pig Platform Uganda


Tools and Resources:

Feeds Tool to assess willingness to adopt pig diets Gender Transformative tool _Animal_Health Training Modules for the Pig Value chains Tool used for assessment of new pig stock Tool for assessment of knowledge on pig production

Training Manuals for pig farmer group capacity strengthening by Enterprise Uganda;

Business plan training Marketing Management training Marketing training workbook Saving for Investment

Reports of the Pig producer Group Capacity Strengthening by Enterprise Uganda: Business and Enterprise training report Business Diagnostics report Leadership training report Sensitisation and awareness report Regional Pig Multi-Stakeholder Platform Network Analysis Training Manuals developed in partnership with VWB Pork butcher training manual Training manual on Biosecurity agaisnt ASF for farmers


MLE Framework GENDER Gender Capacity Assessment of Pig Value chain partners Report of the Gender Capacity Assessment feedback and validation exercise Presentation on Gender equitable pig business hubs in Uganda Assessment of gender in pig hubs. Focus Group Discussion GTA tools for the hubs

FEAST Tool Focus Group Discussions Individual Farmer Interview Protocol for established forages

Capacity Development: Partner capacity assessment methodology Partner capacity assessment tool Consent form_partner capacity assessment

ENDURE Project

Presentations at Science day on information dissemination for sweet potato silage sub-project Current feeding practices feeding of sweet potato silage on_farm Sweet potato vines sialge-based diets for growing pigs Silage_based diets _addressing challenges in Sweet potato and pig valuechains_APA Break even analysis for sweet potato silage Integration of sweet potato and pig value chains

Posters: Effect of Sweet potato silage on pig performance

Uganda pig value chain bench marking tools

Uganda pig value chain IDO indicators

Value chain mapping tools:

FGD for value chain mapping Household survey on inclusion of small holder farmers in inclusive value chains

Intra household food demand and dietary survey tools: a. Nutrition section b. Socio-demographic section

Animal Health: Qualitative tool for characterization of African Swine Fever hotspots along Pig Value Chain Report of training on Use of Point of Care Technology to Enhance Disease Diagnosis

Animal Health Household Survey Pig Data Form

Uganda Pig Value Chain assessment (VCA) tools (Feb 2015): a. Choice Experiment tool to be administered to Live Pig traders. b. Rapid pig VCA toolkit for Key Informants c. Rapid pig VCA toolkit for pig farmers_ General tool d. Rapid pig VCA toolkit for pig farmers Animal Health e. Rapid pig VCA toolkit for pig farmers _ Assessing power relations in the Value chain f. Rapid pig VCA toolkit for pig farmers _ Pig breeding Rapid pig VCA toolkit for pig farmers _ Value Chain mapping tool g. KAP Extension staff h. KAP Input suppliers

i. KAP Producer & Boar keepers File:ASF_KAPCI_Producer boar keepers_180315_FINAL.pdf

KAP Butchers File:ASF_KAPCI_Butchers_180315_FINAL.pdf

KAP Traders File:ASF_KAPCI_Traders_180315_FINAL.pdf

Focus group discussions with pig farmers File:uganda_vcatoolkit.docx

TOOL to be implemented with village leaders at the livestock producer level for the pig Value Chain Rapid Assessment File:uganda_vcatoolkit_keyinformant_checklist.docx

TOOL to be administered to LIVE PIG/PIGLET TRADERS File:SPVCD_VCA_Pig Traders-final_June2013.docx


TOOL to be administered to PIG PRODUCERS File:SPVCD_VCA pig producers-finaldraft_June2013.docx

INTERVIEW GUIDELINES for "village vets" File:SPVCD_Interview guidelines for village vets_final_June2013.docx

TOOL to be administered to LIVESTOCK FEED TRADERS including retailers, wholesalers, transporters and exporters) (uploaded on 7 June 2013) File:SPVCD_Feed questionnaire for feed traders_finaldraft_June2013.docx

INTERVIEW GUIDELINES for Agrovet drug stockists (uploaded on 7 June 2013) File:SPVCD_Interview guidelines for agrovet stockists_June2013.docx

Tool for assessing the competitiveness of the the pig Enterprise amongst integrated Smallholder Crop-livestock Systems File:Assessing competitiveness of pig enterprise among smallholders.rtf

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Planning Documents

  • Uganda Pigs planning document PDF format / DOC format
  • WordFish Strategic Planning Mission to Uganda (September 2012):

> > File:Uganda_Mission_Outline.docx >


  • Pig Value chains bench marking survey report (First Draft - not to be cited)

File:Pig Value chain benchmarking Report_First Draft.docx

  • Forages for Pig production report 2014
  • Report on Facilitators training Workshop (PRA tool usage)

File:Facilitators training Report- Hoima.docx

  • Report on pig farmer training 2014

File:Report on Pig farmer training 2014.docx

Presentation on use of the Extrapolate Application File:Elements for the EXTRAPOLATE application.pdf

A Report on the review of successes and failures in disease control and interventions in Pig value chains of Uganda

A report on Successes and failures of institutional innovations in smallholder pig production systems and value chains in Uganda

A Guide to Training module development for the SPVCD project File:Guide - Module Development.pdf

Concept note for the writeshop to develop Training Modules for the Uganda pig value chain File:SPVCD writeshop Concept Note Program.pdf

Report on the Consultative workshop with Stakeholders of the Uganda livestock Sector on set up of the SPVCD project File:Kampala Stakeholder Meeting Report 14 June 2011 final.docx

Report of the Irish Aid-funded Project Inception Workshop File:more_pork_inception_may2014_report.pdf

News and Updates

High-level EC-IFAD delegation tours smallholder pig projects in Uganda Small holder farmer capacity strengthening by Enterprise Uganda Roots, tubers and banana plants: Next-generation pig feeds for Uganda

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