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Value Chain Assessment Toolkit

This page provides the draft tools for value chain assessment and benchmarking

Contribute to an online discussion of this toolkit (December 2014)

Toolkit outline

Objectives of the rapid value chain assessment Process tools:

  • Process guidelines: activities, steps to organize the team (roles), tailoring of tools for the specific VC context, implementation of data collection and analysis, write up, time-frame
  • Protocol: sampling framework, coding

Data collection instruments:

  • Checklists
  • Questionnaires
  • Instruments for GD

Training manuals: manual + tools for training (to train core team / value chain coordinators to use the tools) Databases Outline of the report

Data collection instruments

Modules by:

  • Actor level:

Service providers (extension, credit, veterinary etc.) Input suppliers (feed, seed, breeding) Producers Traders Processors Retailers Consumers

  • Mixed groups of VC actors for identification of linkages
  • Sector / national level (for target chain and feed, seed, veterinary)
  • Institutions (enabling environment e.g. NGOs, NARS, ARIs, Development agencies, interest groups, industry & producer associations)

Distinguish by channel Ensure gender mainstreaming

Current generic value chain assessment and benchmarking tools

(version 2014, page updated Jan 2014)

1.Situation analysis outline

File:Situation Analysis outline.doc

2. Value chain scoping checklist

File:VC Scoping Checklist.docx

3. Value chain assessment

File:VCA Producer data sheet.docx


File:VCA_Mapping_Group work.docx





4. Value chain benchmarking

File:VCA_BM Consumers.docx




5. Sampling


6. Research questions

File:VC Research questions.docx

7. Animal Source Food_Participatory Rural Assessment Tools

File:PRA ASF consumers 26 OCT.pdf

File:PRA Producers 26 Oct-1.pdf

8. Tools purpose

File:Purpose of tools workshop day 4 - 15Feb13.docx

Country specific value chain assessment (VCA) and benchmarking tools

Tanzania Smallholder Dairy VCA Toolkit (June 2012)

Ethiopia Small Ruminants VCA Toolkit (December 2012)

Uganda Smallholder Pigs VCA Toolkit (June 2013)

Vietnam Smallholder Pigs VCA toolkit (2013)

India Smallholder Dairy VCA toolkit (2013)

Bangladesh fish VC and gender and social analysis toolkit (July 2015): FGD guide File:VCA_ENG_Producers_6Feb15_final.docx VC mapping cards File:Cards_ENG_VCmapping_compressed.pptx Gender norms drawings File:Drawings for gender norms_compressed.pptx

Gender/GTA Value Chain Analysis Module

Introduction to the module

File:Introduction to the gender VCA module.docx

1. Access to and control over resources


2. Decision making

File:Decision Making.docx

3. Activity and time use matrix

File:Activity and Time Use Matrix.docx

4. Gender attitudes

File:Gender Attitudes.docx

5. Gender norms

File:Gender Norms.docx

6. Relationships wheel

File:Relationships Wheel.docx

7. Envisioning change in the chain

File:Envisioning Change.docx

PIM toolkit

Link to the Livestock Data Innovation Project: Constraint Analysis workshops wiki: Set of tools and checklists developed for CRP2 by the livestock data innovation project

Core team for toolkit development

(March 2012)

Froukje Kruijssen (WorldFish) Kate Longley (WorldFish) Epi Katjiuongua (ILRI)

Person Area
Froukje Kruijssen Socio-economics, coordination/facilitation
Karen Marsall Breeding/genetics
Delia Grace Food safety
Fred Unger Animal health
Rein Van der Hoek/Ben Lukuyu Feeds
Malcolm Dickson Aquaculture
Rein Van der Hoek/Karen Marshall Animal husbandry / production systems
Wanjiku Gender
Nancy M&E
Kees Innovation

See value chain assessment toolkit oldfiles here: Old Files